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Quality Control Services

Sustained Quality will provide a customized solution to your manufacturing challenges, providing the following services:


We review the characteristics of each part, separating any that are non-conforming.


We visually inspect all remaining parts for defects.


We will change the physical characteristics of non-conforming parts to produce ones that do conform.


We connect various parts as specified in the production process.


We will implement a process ensuring no defected or non-conforming part is released.


Sustained Quality can serve as your liaison between suppliers and OEMs, effectively communicating and solving quality-related issues.


Sustained Quality can minimize ongoing issues created by just-in-time inventory by storing parts and components in our fully functional warehouse operations, quickly delivering them as needed to meet production schedules.


SQ can also organize each shipment to match your orders as needed, prior to shipment, to meet any production requirements.


Our expert engineering services can assist you in developing parts to meet you or your clients' needs or work to solve quality issues that you are facing.


Let Sustained Quality solve your quality control challenges. 
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