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Sustained Quality applies best practices to audit and verify each step of your project. Using our “Five P’s of Delivery Service,” we will consistently produce measurable results that will ensure you meet your goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner:

5 P's of Delivery Service

Employee Protection

SQ verifies that each employee is properly protected on the job by providing the necessary PPE, and through detailed and ongoing safety training.


SQ verifies that each job is set up and implemented correctly based on the initial project scope.



SQ verifies that each employee is following proper protocol, policies and procedures with detailed training and instruction.


SQ verifies that each part is properly certified to the exact specifications of each customer.


SQ audits all paperwork associated with the project to make sure it is accurate and complete.

Project Life Cycle

A Sustained Quality project manager will work directly with you to outline project specifications and expectations before your project is officially launched.  We’ll spend whatever time it takes to ensure both you, and our SQ team, have fully identified the appropriate course of action and that we fully understand and agree on the scope of the project.

The SQ Project Life Cycle Spans Seven Steps:


The scope of the project is articulated and fully documented.

Project Setup

A Sustained Quality representative will work with you to develop a specific and unique project.

Work Authorization Forms

You will receive the forms to confirm project specifications.


SQ executes the project according to the approved inspection or rework process.


Each step of your project will be billed based on precise checkpoints.


You will be sent a weekly invoice based on the previous week’s completed work.

Customer Satisfaction

To guarantee your expectations are being met, we track each client’s level of satisfaction, using the feedback gathered to enhance our service.


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